Business Bank

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  • Easy to set up the account and access from any device
  • Deposit checks directly from your phone and integrates seamlessly with other apps
  • Send ACHs and paper checks without any fees
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  • Open an account with no minimum deposit required
  • Earn 2% interest on your balance
  • Add up sub-accounts with designated account numbers
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  • Checking Account and earn unlimited 1% cash back and 1.51% APY
  • Move money easily with unlimited free ACH
  • Schedule payments and deposit a check in seconds by taking a photo
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Why to use

Bank pays you and offers a competitive interest rate on its business checking account. It saves time and its easy to use, with low or no fees, and that don’t require large balances.

When to use

If you handle a lot of cash in your business, depositing it to an online bank can be cumbersome. Using digital banking enables you to do your banking transaction fast and without fees.

How to use

Its an easy to open account and just takes few minutes. You can set up recurring payments and deposit check by just clicking picture on your phone.

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