Financial Anlaysis

Compare the benefits of different applications and get the one that's right for you.

  • Automatically sync your spreadsheets
  • Use pre-made templates and build financial reports
  • Accurate business data and customized insights
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Microsoft Dynamic 365
  • Monitors cash flow, identify current and future trends of the business
  • One source for entire business insights
  • Rules-based chart of accounts and no-code configuration
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Zoho Finance
  • Streamline all of your financial and back office operation
  • Real-time information flows between the apps for informed business decisions.
  • Manage multiple users across different departments
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Why to use

Reduce the time and effort spent on financial analysis and use the intelligent financial management software to consolidate and analyze years of historical data and create an accurate and robust business decision.

When to use

To reduce write-offs, losses, and improve your margin by predicting when and how business will be profitable.

How to use

Open an account and start uploading your existing files if you have it. The software will forecast and run the reports which will help you better understand your cash flow.

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