Inventory Management

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  • Stores inventory and orders in one place
  • Automated check for SKUs in-stock, reserved, and on-order
  • Quickly generates unique barcodes and built in custom label designs
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  • Track inventory levels and SKUs across multiple locations
  • Direct purchase orders from inventory system
  • Optimize the sales floor and manage discounts and promotions
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  • Serial and batch tracking with unique identifier codes
  • Automate workflow rules for customers
  • Manage stock at multiple location and track inner warehouse transfers
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Why to use

If your business sells products, inventory tracking is likely one of your biggest concerns. You have to make sure you have enough goods to meet customer demand.

When to use

You want to avoid overstocking, which takes up valuable storage space and potentially leaves you with unsold products you can’t unload.

How to use

Inventory management software can support better customer service by making it easier to track products and configuring rules to support your inventory management needs.

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