Office Suite

Compare the benefits of different applications and get the one that's right for you.

Apache OpenOffice
  • Easy to use and compatible with other office products
  • Includes word processor, spreadsheets, multimedia presentation, database, 3D illustrations
  • Community supported application to help new users learn and use the tools
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Office 365
  • Leading productive tools - Word, Excel, PowerPoint with file storage and sharing
  • Conduct mobile or web virtual meetings onsite and remote
  • Streamlined appointment experience for you and your customers
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Google Workspace
  • Reliable business email with spam filters
  • Secure cloud storage to access and share document with team
  • Video conference, messenger, and collaborate in real time to edit documents, presentation, spreadsheets
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Why to use

Work smarter and faster, with tools to build and manage your business, stay connected with customers, and collaborate with your team to save time and organize your data..

When to use

You need standardized tools to communicate, organize, inform and collaborate well with each other across the business. The productivity tools are designed to make your work much more convenient and actionable.

How to use

Either you can use it in cloud or install the software on your computer. Each application such word processor, spreadsheet and database is designed for your to easily operate and use to further expand our business and increase the value of our work.

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