Digital Payments

Compare the benefits of different applications and get the one that's right for you.

  • Streamlined payment methods for online and in-store merchants
  • Single integration for payments apps like Paypal, Venmo, cards and digital wallets
  • Receive funds how best work for you - bank deposit, prepaid card, PayPal, and more
2.59% + $.49 per transaction
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  • Accept payments and move money globally
  • Customize invoice to accept recurring or one-off payments
  • Fast payout to your account lets you access funds within minutes
2.9% + $.30 per transaction
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  • Accept payments with a digital storefront, payment forms, and embeddable checkout
  • eCheck enables to accept checks online and many features included with monthly fee
  • Collect payments and set billing schedules with portable Point of Sale solutions
2.54% + $80/month
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Why to use

Make it convenient and frictionless for customers to make payment to your business in any form they prefer. Omnichannel use of digital payments will continues to grow over time so your customers expects you to accept modern methods of payments.

When to use

Shoppers consistently express higher trust in digital solutions and carry multiple digital wallets. Also, its highly relevant if your business is has a online presence or you planning to be online to sell product and services.

How to use

The provider will connect you to all of the banking institutions and payment processors that you need in order to collect money from your customers. You’ll give the payment information to the provider, and they inform your about the transaction was approved by the bank to get started.

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