Project Management

Compare the benefits of different applications and get the one that's right for you.

  • Coordinate work seamlessly across teams
  • Set business goals and track progress in one place
  • Assign and schedule task for team members
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  • Provides project templates that fits your business
  • Easily plan the project and see how it fits
  • Automate task and workflows of business
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Microsoft Project
  • Ease of use to manage all tasks
  • Customize your tasks and track it visually
  • Aggregate different projects across your business for clear visibility
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Why to use

It plays a huge part when your business is scaling. It will help us not only maximize the potential of your team, but also keeps you and your team accountable for results based on your vision and direction.

When to use

Manually tracking any project gives rise to errors, confusion and no accountability. You want to utilize the project management tool to enable you to plan, schedule and follow-up on your goals.

How to use

Deploy the tool online and be better equipped to prioritize projects. Start by creating your own project or select from the available template that best suites your needs. Add tasks and list subtask to add details and assign dates it each of them.

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